This program allows a qualifying senior to defer payment of real estate taxes on his or her personal residence. During the deferment period, the State of Illinois pays the real estate taxes. Then when the senior sells the property or within a year of his or her death, repayment plus an interest payment calculated at 6% annually is made.
To qualify you must be age 65 or older by June 1st of the year for which the application is made, have a total household income of less than the maximum allowable limit, own and occupy the property, have lived in the property or other qualifying property at least 3 years, be liable for payment of real estate taxes on the property and have no delinquent real estate taxes.
Application and guidelines are available from the Winnebago County Treasurer, 404 Elm Street, Room 205, Rockford, IL  61101.

Please contact the Winnebago County Treasurer (815) 319-4400 with any questions.