Assessment Appeals

Assessment Notices for Rockford Township will be mailed the week of August 7, 2023.

The window to file an Assessment Appeal/Complaint is now CLOSED. 

Please note the following important deadlines:

All complaints MUST BE made in writing and filed on or before September 8, 2023.

All evidence, from appellants, for complaints requesting an assessed value reduction of less than $100,000 MUST be filed no later than 25 calendar days following the final date for filing complaints. For 2023, this deadline is October 3, 2023.

All evidence from appellants requesting an assessed value reduction of $100,000 or more MUST be filed no later than 45 calendar days following the final date for filing complaints. For 2023, this deadline is October 23, 2023.

Assessment Appeals must be filed in person or mailed to the Winnebago County Administration Building (404 Elm Street, Room 301, Rockford, IL 61101). Appeals must have been hand delivered or postmarked by Friday, September 8, 2023. Any complaint forms filed after that date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

An assessment complaint may be based on a variety of claims, including:
  • the assessor's listed value does not accurately reflect the market value of the property
  • the assessment is based on the wrong information (inaccurate measurement or unknown demolition/improvements, for example)
  • the assessment is higher than similar neighboring properties

Once you have determined that an assessment complaint is necessary, the following steps should be taken:
  • Read the Board of Review Rules and Procedures for 2023. A copy can be found HERE
  • Obtain a complaint form and complete all applicable sections. A complaint form can be found HERE or picked up, emailed, or mailed to you at your request by contacting our office at (815) 965-0300. 
  • Be certain to complete the appeal form by filling in all fields, checking all appropriate boxes, signing, and dating it. 
  • Use logical reasoning and conclusions when collecting and presenting the evidence to support your claim. For more information, including the best evidence to use and the best selection of comparable properties, please click HERE
  • Double check your PIN numbers and ensure your complaint and evidence are readable and complete.
  • Make three (3) copies of the entire appeal. Keep one (1) complete copy for your records. Two (2) copies AND the original need to be submitted to the Board of Review.
  • Submit your complaint form before the Assessment Complaint Deadline: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2023. 


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