Homestead Improvement Exemption (HIE)

Single-Family, Owner Occupied homes that are receiving the General Homestead Exemption only. 
New improvements (such as an addition, patio or deck) that increase the assessed value of the property are required to qualify for this exemption. 
The improvement MUST be completed 100% in order to qualify. 
For example, a new roof, remodeling of kitchens/bathrooms, new flooring, siding or landscaping are NOT eligible, as they do not add assessed value.

4-year exemption of an increase in assessment. Township Assessors report eligible amounts. 

Exempts up to $25,000 in EAV value.  

This exemption can apply to rebuilding or repairing a Single Family home after a catastrophic event as well. 

Please contact the Winnebago County Supervisor of Assessments Office (815) 319-4460 with any questions.