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Property Taxes

Example for existing tax bills (does NOT apply to new construction)

      Assessed Value

−    Exemptions (if applicable)

x    Tax Rate (i.e. 10.4709%)

=    Yearly Property Taxes

÷    2                                 

=    Per Installment Payment due in June & September

You can find out your exemptions by calling the Winnebago County Supervisor of Assessments Office at (815) 319-4460 or click here to view them online.

To view the current tax status click here to search a parcel by PIN, owner, or address.  NOTE: Limited to 5 searches per day. 

You must complete a Real Estate Combination Request Form.  For additional questions about parcel combinations, please contact the Winnebago County Mapping Department at 815-319-4367. 

Both seller and buyer owe property taxes for the period of time they own the property. 35 ILCS 200/9‑180 explains that owners of property shall be liable, on a proportionate basis, for the increased taxes occasioned by the construction of new or added buildings, structures or other improvements on the property from the date when the improvement was substantially completed or initially used to December 31st of that year.  This allows for the owners and occupant of new construction to pay taxes for the value of their property for the part of the year that it was owned, completed, and occupied.  The Supervisor of Assessments Office can answer any further questions on this subject by calling (815) 319-4460.

Call your township assessor to talk over the matter with him or her.  Your assessor's phone number is displayed on the front of your tax bill, at the bottom of the box titled "Formula for Tax Calculation," on the left hand side of the bill.  A list of the names and phone numbers of the township assessors can be viewed online here. Your assessor's phone number is also located in the pink box of your Assessment Change notice.

The assessor has no control over the tax rate.  The County Clerk’s office is responsible for calculating real estate tax rates for all taxing districts within Winnebago County.  There more than 100 taxing districts, which receive property tax revenue.  Additionally, local citizens can influence spending by voicing their views to the proper officials.  The tax rate is dependent upon 1) school and local governmental levies [the amount of money a taxing body certifies to be raised from the property tax], 2) the statutory limits and 3) voter's response to referenda issues.


Real Estate Combination Request Form


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