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Rockford Township Assessors
Ken Crowley     2006 -
Ray Hodges     1994 - 2005
Gerry Simonds     1974 - 1993
Walter Olson     1966 - 1973
Keith Hankins     1958 - 1965
Wayne Norton     1950 - 1957
J. August Swenson     1938 - 1949
Gus Brown     1934 - 1937
Lawrence Pearson     1926 - 1933
Frank Hall     1922 - 1925
Lawrence Pearson     1918 - 1921
Harry Marean     1908 - 1917
Frank Puffer     1894 - 1907

When township government began: The voters in Winnebago County elected to adopt the township form of government in 1849, and township government became effective the first Monday in April 1850; hence, the logo on our site. 

There were originally 16 townships in Winnebago County, but two of them, New Milford and Guilford Townships, annexed into Rockford Township in 1916 and 1929, respectively.

Population and size: The City of Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois, with a population of 148,655 (based on the 2020 census). Rockford Township has a population of 170,478, which represents more than 60% of Winnebago County’s 285,353 residents.

Rockford Township is the largest of Winnebago County’s 14 townships and the largest in the State of Illinois.

Number of parcels: The Rockford Township Assessor values more than 73,000 (60%) of the county’s 120,000-plus taxable parcels.

Assessed property values in Rockford Township total more than $2.6 billion and, by statute, this number represents 1/3 of the fair market value of the real property within our township... an estimated $7.8 billion.

Office staff: A professional, well-trained and dedicated team of deputy assessors, clerks, and support personnel form our team. Our staff is here to answer your questions, help find the information you need, and to assist you in all ways that we can.

What to expect: We are committed to producing accurate and equitable assessments and to provide the best in customer service to you, the taxpayer.

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Assessment Appeal Boards


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Rockford Township Assessor's Office
401 West State Street, Suite 100
Rockford, Illinois 61101

T: (815) 965-0300
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