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No. The Assessor's Office follows a procedure of mass appraisal, which values properties of similar type in a similar fashion to maintain fairness and uniformity across all properties. If an Assessment Appeal/Assessment Complaint has not been filed on your property since its sale, our recommendation would be to do so. To receive a notice that the window to appeal is open, please contact our office at 815-965-0300. 
No. For the same reasoning given above, the sale of one single property is not a reason to increase the valuation of that property or any other similar properties. This process is referred to as "sale chasing" and is not, and has not been, a practice of our office. Any increase (or decrease) in valuation takes place due to multiple sales within the market that indicate a trend in the direction of values for a property and those similar to that property. 
Yes. Every taxpayer has the right to appeal their valuation in any given year. This right extends to the taxpayer regardless of whether the valuation has been increased, decreased or remained the same in relation to its previous valuation. Evidence would need to be submitted to the Board of Review to support a claim of overvaluation. To receive a notice that the window to appeal is open, please contact our office at 815-965-0300. 
No. This change can typically be remedied upon an inspection for verification by the Assessor's Office. If the item(s) correction impacts the valuaton of your property, the correction can be made at our office and would be effective from the date of verification forward. If the correction is made while the Board of Review is in session, our office will issue an Assessment Change Request (ACR) and submit it to the Board of Review for approval. This type of request is generally approved by the Board.
"Physical Characteristics" in this FAQ include such items as building size (SF), age and/or condition, lot size, basement area, etc. 
To request an inspection by our office, please call 815-965-0300.


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