• Use logical reasoning and conclusions
  • Refer to the evidence not a tax bill
  • Use evidence that is trustworthy, authoritative, and verifiable
  1. Be certain to complete the appeal form by filling in all blanks, checking all appropriate boxes, and signing and dating it.
  2. Please include your opinion of assessed value in the “Complaintants Requested Value” portion.
  3. Present your comparables in the simplest-to-read form:
    • Use the Board of Review Comparable Grid that accompanies the Appeal Form
    • You can create your own grid analysis so long it contains mostly the same information, specifically, the price per square foot comparison.                                           
  4. Less is more. In most cases, you do not need to submit public internet data such as Tax Bills, Property Details from the Assessor's site, exemption information from the Supervisor of Assessments site, Assessment History from WinGIS, Zillow or Trulia type statistics, nor most other data that is publicly available. Unless the information is crucial to your case or you believe your appeal is not complete without it, the Grid Analysis of comparables is sufficient for the Board to consider.
  5. Limit your selection of comparables to five (5) or less.
  6. Double check your PIN numbers. Be certain all the PIN numbers you submit are correct.
  7. Make 3 Copies of the entire appeal: (1) Copy is for your records, (2) copies PLUS the original are for the Board of Review.
  8. When in doubt, call your Township Assessor’s Office OR seek the advice of someone who has successfully appealed.